Founded in 1937, Medpolymer OJSC is a medical pharmaceutical factory that has long specialised in the manufacture of medical devices used in surgery, anaesthesiology, urology, gynaecology, dentistry and intensive care.

Currently Medpolymer OJSC has several activity areas:

Infusion solutions are manufactured in the facilities designed to meet the requirements for the sterile products manufacture. Production processes are partly or fully automated.

The raw materials, materials and production technology fully meet the requirements of the Russian and international standards.

We have equipped our laboratories with all the necessary state-of-the-art instruments to test and control the quality of the incoming raw materials, the quality of each production stage and the quality of the output products.

It enables quality control of raw materials and finished products using the state-of-the-art analysis methods.

The equipment and piping in contact with the product are treated with purified water, water for injections and sterile clean steam.

The reactors are filled with water for injections. The substance, which has undergone incoming inspection and has been transferred to the clean rooms, is weighed in accordance with the formulation. The components are stepwise loaded into the reactors, the solution is stirred and is inspected by the quality control department.

The prepared solution enters the filling line, where it undergoes a sterile filtration stage. The solution is then supplied to the filling machine.

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