Medpolymer OJSC owns the following production capacities which includes the following facilities:

— plot of land with a total area of 11,554.0 sq. m.

— an eight-storey non-residential building with a total area of 9,930.3 sq. m.

– a six-storey non-residential building with a total area of 3,693.2 sq. m.

— single floor boiler house with a total area of 1,008.5 sq. m.

Medpolymer OJSC produces infusion solutions and medical devices at this manufacturing site.

During modernization the factory was equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and most processes became automated.

Infusion solutions are filled on 2 lines of equipment:

— automated bag making and filling machine FFS6000;

— semi automatic filling and sealing machine BFM 007-3-SFC. Overall annual production capacity is up to 38 million containers per year. Actual production output is 2.8 — 3.2 million bags per month.

Capacity utilization is 90 – 95%

Medical devices are produced using 13 different machines (manufactured in China and Bulgaria) for plastic articles. Overall production capacity is up to 5.6 million items per year. Capacity utilization is 50–55%


Multi-effect water distillers STERIS FINN-AQUA for GMP compliant pharmaceutical production


Multi-effect water distillers FINN-AQUA are designed to meet the growing requirements to the environmental safety. Due to design features FINN-AQUA distillers consume fewer resources and less energy.

FINN-AQUA's patented three-stage separation technology ensures high quality WFI free of endotoxins, pyrogens and droplets. Concentrated feed water containing all impurities, pyrogens and harmful particles is considered "blowdown"and is redirected to drain. Only pure water, WFI, is allowed to flow into the WFI storage and distribution tank. Impurities are prevented from being transferred to the next stage, ensuring the highest WFI quality.

Unique pipe-joining method ensures longer life. Within the columns, the pipes are expanded to the flanges without welding to avoid thermal cracking. FINN-AQUA Multiple-Effect Water Distiller includes the latest Siemens or Allen-Bradley control system platform and a touchscreen.


PLÜMAT FORM FILL SEAL production lines


Production. Filling. Sealing. All-in-one production process for infusion solutions in bags.

Filled and sealed bags are produced in an automated process without further intermediate steps. This procedure allows simple process monitoring and substantially reduces the risk of contamination.

Mainly multi-layer film materials, amongst other things based on polyolefins (e.g. PP, PE) and PVC and EVA are processed on the PLÜMAT Form Fill Seal lines. Machine and component design are designed for the highest possible productivity and lowest possible consumption of materials. Minimum tolerances and high-quality materials guarantee absolute process reliability and the top-class quality of the final product.

The production–filling–sealing line is easy to maintain and it need small installation area, due to space-saving design.